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Educational tracks

Ecological lands

The extraordinary values ​​of the natural resort of the monastery- palace -park complex can also be found in the land which is known as the "Old river bed at the monastery in Rudy the Great", the aim of which is to preserve the grounds of protection of natural, scientific, educational and landscape hydrogenic ecosystem with posts of regionally rare outgoing species of plants. The area contains an educational route with information notices concerning the history of the place and details of the protected species.


Educational tracks

The wealth of the Rudy land was made available in the form of numerous trails, organized into educational tracks. The palace park in Rudy offers the dendrological path called "Pictures Painted with Trees", the faunal path entitled "Insects" and flora-fauna track "Four Seasons-Autumn". Within the recreational area, on the west side of the abbey, a mini-path was organised to present educational and cultural values of natural ecological spot "Old river bed at the monastery in Rudy Great". A bicycle trail starts at the Abbey and passes through the areas of the fire-place, next to the observation tower Borowiec and the forest ranges Dziewcze Groby/Maiden Tombs and Orłowiec. It is one of the most modern educational tracks of Silesia. 35 boards are spaced alongside the 16 km route to inform about both the Cistercian tradition, and about the natural qualities of the surrounding area. The focal point of the path is "Green Class", located in 2 / 3 path length. It can accommodate 30-40 people. Organized groups can participate in activities organized by the Forestry Inspectorate within the framework of the forest education of the society.

Educational trails are also located in the reserve "Łężczok". The first one allows the observation of the aquatic ecosystem of the Grabowiec and Brzeziniok ponds, the second is a monumental avenue of trees. The next allows for observation of the meadow ecosystem reserve. The fourth path presents the riparian and dry-ground fragments of the reserve, and the fifth draws attention to the of aquatic vegetation of Salm the Great and Nothern Babiczok ponds with their feeding grounds of black storks and white-tailed eagles. The last track is the aquatic ecosystem of the Southern Babiczok Pond with breeding islands of the black-headed gulls, among others.

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