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The Prince Period

After the dissolution of the monastery in 1810 an auction was conducted on the property of the monastery. The most valuable books were taken away. Two years later Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel took over the monastic property, but he never came to reside in Rudy.

The next owner of the post-convent land was Landgrave Victor Amadeus of Hesse-Rotenburg. His two marriages were childless, and therefore, after his death, in 1834, the ownership of the former abbey was transferred to the hands of his nephew, Victor Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schilingfürst. Victor received from the Emperor of Prussia, Wilhelm IV, the title of Prince and the right to use the name von Ratibor. Rudy became the seat of the first Duke of Ratibor, (later the whole family von Ratibor) and the inheritance passed successively to the first-born sons of the family. The second Duke of Raciborz was Victor Amadeus II, born in 1847 in Rudy. Another von Ratibor - Victor III became the Duke in August 1923. He was succeeded by Victor IV Albrecht, who, however, was killed in Modlin, and thus his younger brother, Francis I, Albrecht took over. the title of the Duke in 1945.

At the Cistercian abbey lands the Prince period covers only a little over a hundred years. During that time, the primary owners of these lands was the family von Ratibor. The post-Cistercian goods remained in the hands of the Duke's family until 1945. During that period Rudy gained fame in Europe, became a meeting and hunting place for the mighty heads of those times.

Postcard (1904 - C.Matzek)
Postcard (1904 - C.Matzek)
Map (1938)
Map (1938)

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