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The English-style park

Around the former residence of the abbots and dukes a vast the English-style park stretches. Founded in the eighteenth century, thanks to the efforts of the Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst Ratibor Dukes.

It accumulates numerous monuments of nature, dozens of exotic trees and shrubs as well as the specific arrangement of forest and garden maze, makes the park a place frequented by tourists, pilgrims and school trips. It contains three hiking routes which have been laid out as educational routes.

A place willingly frequented by hikers, especially in the spring, is the Island of Fragrance on the Swiss Pond where fragrant Pontic azaleas grow.

The Ruda River flowing through the park adds to its atmosphere and picturesqueness. The Park Pond is situated nearby the Abbatial Palace, to the southeast of the palace is Peicker’s Pond, and to the east of the complex there is the now overgrown Swiss Pond.

The oldest tree in the park is about 450 years old. It is the graceful oak called the "Cistercian", 32 meters high, and over 7 m in circumference.

The park features romantic lanterns and wooden benches, with notices gently reminding visitors about proper behavior. "Leaving disorder is completely out-of-order” recalls one of the notices placed on the park benches.

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