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The Monastery - Palace Complex

The Monastery-Palace Complex consists of:

  • the former Cistercian monastery the later ducal palace
  • the Cistercian church - now the parish church.

The thirteenth century monastery witnessed almost 600 years’ presence of the Cistercian monks on the Rudy lands. Unfortunately, it almost completely lost its medieval style due to its many reconstructions. The first thorough reconstruction of the monastery took place in the seventeenth century, at the time of Abbot Andrew Pospel, when under the guidance of the master bricklayer Melchior Werner of Nyssa, the Abbot Palace was erected to the north of the monastery.

Subsequent changes began in 1834 when, after the dissolution of the order, the Prince Victor Hohenhlohe-Waldenburg-Schilillingsfürst took over the monastery. The monastery was rebuilt as the headquarters of the magnates. The outbuildings were demolished and an English style park was created.

In 1945 a fire kindled by the Red Army destroyed the Prince's residence. Former monastery buildings were in ruins for many years and it was only in the 70s of the 20th century that renovation of the abbey started. By 1986 the rubble was removed and part of the monastery was reconstructed. In 1995 the main facade was renovated. But as a matter of fact it was only in 1998, when the Diocese of Gliwice took over the abbey, that the repairs and restoration gained momentum. The Centre for Formation and Education was established in the facility. Today, the old monastery and palace buildings, have begun to fully recover their original splendor. Some areas have already been made available for exhibitions and concerts.

Several original elements survived till today:
- the farm building, situated opposite the facade of the monastery church, rebuilt in 1950,
- the building at the entrance into the convent - now the presbytery
- the wall fence running along the main alley leading to the church.
- a stone statue of St. John of Nepomuk from 1724.


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