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The Landscape Park

The surroundings of Rudy the Great, is not only a land abundant in historic gems, but also a lovely area of the ​​Landscape Park and Nature Reserve. The diversity of fauna and flora of these areas constitute a unique attraction for nature enthusiasts and almost all the year round these areas attract groups of tourists, environmentalists and school trips. Rudy is also a tourist and historical center of the Landscape Park "Cistercian Landscape Compositions of Rudy the Great".

The Park, covering the areas extending from the Odra River through Orzesze and the Bierawka River, was created in 1993. in order to protect cultural heritage and nature. Under protection are tracts of forests, meadows and wastelands with a dense network of streams and fish ponds and spatial components associated with the Cistercian activities in the area. However, the specific reason for the creation of the Park, was the need to protect the ecological corridor of European importance, which combines the Vistula and the Odra rivers, enabling migration of many species of animals.

The area of the park, extending to over 44 acres of land, comprises both the palace park adjacent to the Monastery and Palace Complex in Rudy, as well as the nature reserve "Łężczok". It is the largest, in terms of area, landscape park in Poland.

In the local park there are 52 monuments of nature. There is a rich collection of plants covered by complete or partial protection. The abundance of the Park flora is enriched by the presence of many species of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals listed in the "Polish Red Book of Animals", considered vulnerable. The unique Park phenomenon is the presence of several types of dunes, the evidence of raging hurricanes in the past.

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